Jamu Lodge Sustainability Policy


The Jamu Lodge Sustainability Policy is based on a firm belief on conservation and sustainable development in the Cuyabeno Fauna Production Reserve. Jamu Lodge is committed with the environment protection, to such an end some specific actions have been taken in order to minimize the garbage production by recycling everything that is likely to be.


For the treatment of sewage from our toilets we have a Solids-Separation System with anaerobic bacteria, initiating a process of biodigestion. Eventually bacteria-based catalysts are used to return the treated water to the environment that proves to be 95% pollution-free.

In order to treat our gray water from showers, sinks and kitchen grease traps we employ the same that allow degradation of biodegradable products such as shampoo, soap, dishwashing, and other supplies used for cleaning our facilities.


We have a solar panel system that feeds a block of long-lasting batteries, which provide us with clean energy that is used for lighting our kitchen at night and illuminate our dinner, and all the hotel facilities. It´s also used for cooling our food, and is harnessed to recharge camera batteries and accessories for our customers.


Jamu Lodge has a Shopping Policy that is based on the Hotel´s criteria about environment-responsible products, by reducing unnecessary packaging and returnable packaging and thus prioritizing the decrease of waste production. Our waste is classified into a Trash Separation System with 3 strategic points within our facilities.


Jamu Lodge operations are closely linked to the Siona community
in the town, which is responsible of all the Lodge´s transportation logistics, this include to transport our customers. Besides, as a part of the Lodge´s tour program, local families are visited which implies an important income for the community. The metal used in the hotel is that already recycled from used containers, which gives them a new and long life. Artificial ceilings are made up by recycled Tetrapak, and recycled polycarbonate. The wood used for repairing the hotel comes from sustainable forests, and the straw for the roofs is transported from outside the reservation through responsible harvesting methods without knocking down the palm by the harvesting time, by doing this new job posts is created in behalf of the communities that preserves and thus takes care of the forest. Jamu Lodge is committed to the sustainability of its operations by day-by-day looking for new and innovative ways to maintain and protect the rainforest, by raising awareness to all people visiting us, by listening to their suggestions, by learning from them and by  giving them an unforgettable experience

Ing.  Guillermo Gómez García, General Manager